Price: $55,739

Provice: Alberta
City: Calgary
Type: Boats

The Calgary Boat and Sportsmen's Show is coming soon. But if you can't wait till then to view the best wakesurf boats available Hyperactive Watersports is open six days a week and we have plenty of new boats on display in our showroom. Stop in and see what's new for spring .
Featured here is a brand new Tige R20 (stock #104F).
Introduced in , the 20? ultra spacious twin-tip design sets a whole new standard of exceptional mult-sport towboat performance. Water-ski and wakeboarding wakes, previously the typical measure of towboat performance are now only part of the equation thanks to the explosive growth in the newest sport of wakesurfing. Wakesurfing combines the thrill of ocean surfing with an endless wave to provide low inpact fun to riders of all ages. Factory equiped with lbs of ballast and Tige?s patented CONVEX-V, TAPS (Tige Adjustable Performance System) system, no other 20? towboat comes close to achieving the same level of wakesurfing performance as the new twin-tip Tige. Without the hassle of extra ballast bags cluttering the seats and floor space, the R20 builds wakes that can best be described as ?waves?. Few (if any) other boats can boast to build that same quality of ?wave? on both port and starboard sides. No longer will right-foot-forward wakesurfers have to settle for substandard riding conditions. Wakesurf wake performance has become the new standard of towboat performance, and the R20 is an over-achiever leaving bigger and overpriced boats in it?s wakes.
For the experienced towboat enthusiast, pump out the ballast, and the crisp sportscar handling of the dual tracking fin equiped R20 hull design steps up to show how real towboats should handle through both glass calm, and rough water conditions. No tracking fins equals no fun to drive. Real towboats turn on a dime, not bounce and slide into the turn. The R20 jumps onto plane, turns like a sportscar, keeps everyone dry, and takes on rough water without the bone shaking ride of the old school ?ski-boats?.
Start at $51,500 plus gst, your lake-ready R20 includes Tige Speedset cruise control, ballast, stereo, tower, board racks, cover, dual batteries, and custom trailer with brakes. Equiped with a host of luxury and convenience options, this R20 is priced at $55,739 plus gst. Pick your price by choosing the options and colours that are right for you, and your custom factory ordered Tige will be ready for spring delivery.
See the R20 and the entire Tige model lineup now at Hyperactive Watersports.

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