2 Year Old Jiffy 3 HP Ice Auger for ICE FISHING!

Maybe have drilled 50 holes with it.

Ultra Robust Tecumseh Engine.
All made of metal, and MADE IN USA!

I bought this when they still had the Tecumseh (American) engine. Today, the new ones are all plastic, including a plastic gearcase, which will break at 20 below. Now they have CHINESE GARBAGE engines and they simply will not last. Jiffy is so ashamed of the new engines, that they will not even tell you the brand of the engine in the literature. Instead, they call it the "Jiffy Engine." Jiffy does not build an engine, they just import that CHEAP CHINESE NO NAME ENGINE. That speaks for itself. Anything to save a buck.

There are guys still using their Jiffys from the s with a Tecumseh engine on them. This is why you cannot even compare mine to the new ones when you want it for half of what I am asking. I say go ahead, buy the new one, and you will be back in 3 years to buy a Tecumseh all Metal Jiffy.

This will last 50 years if you treat it right.

Drills an 8 inch hole like a hot knife going through butter. There is no fish that won't fit through an 8 inch hole in the prairies.

It has a choke + a primer to guarantee starting even at 40 below.
Auger is removable from engine with one bolt - uses a simple allen key.

I have only used Premium Fuel and Ski-doo Synthetic 2 Stroke oil in it. I have properly stored it every summer by fully draining out the old fuel. I has always been stored in my garage.

Price is a very reasonable $350.

Update: A fellow emailed me right after I posted this ad asking about fishing spots around Calgary, he also told me this and I quote "by the way I still use my 7" Jiffy from the 60's." And he did confirm to me it has the Tecumseh Engine! They don't make things like they used to.