Price: $400

Provice: Alberta
City: Calgary
Type: Boats

This is an older Mistral 4.04 sailboat, very similar to the flying juniors used at Glenmore. Comes with a very old handmade rudder that needs fixing up or replacing. Also, the lines and blocks could use replacing but shouldn't be too expensive. Last negative; it doesn't have a trailer so you'll have to provide one to haul it away. Beyond that, as I'm sure you can see, it's a great price for a boat. Moreover, it comes with BRAND NEW JIB AND MAIN. The sail alone is worth twice this. This is a smoking deal for the right person who wants to fix up a boat in time for late spring sailing, or just junk it and keep the sail for another boat. I won't sell it for less than $400 so please don't ask.